During LIS Time

by Roel B. Rosero
Registrar I –SHS

The end of the school year is the busiest time for teachers. They need to submit countless reports and fill out school forms. On the other hand, the job of the Office of Registrar of the school is to ensure that these forms are completed and submitted. During these times, problems are encountered such as beating the deadlines or receiving erroneous reports. These are common scenarios since teachers are rushing through their hectic schedules and at the same time complying with the demands of their work. One particular report that a teacher needs to finish is the LIS (Learner Information System).

The LIS contains the personal information of the learners. Through this system getting access to the students’ data is easier and more convenient. But unfortunately, it is also often discovered to be containing errors due to the fact that there are teachers who failed to update their learners’ status.

The teacher must ensure that all his learners are enrolled in the LIS. It should be done during the first quarter of the school year so that a problem may be detected at the earliest time. Most importantly, the learners should not be allowed to graduate if their LIS are not checked and verified. The above scenario happened because the elementary teacher neglected to update his records, and his reports were submitted without being verified by his school head.

The LIS enables to provide a systematic process of creating and updating the learners’ data. It contains the most comprehensive details of the students, thus, checking his /her learners’ status becomes an easier task. Through the LIS personal data of students are accessible to teachers and School heads, so it is easier to detect if the student failed a certain subject. Future problems may be avoided because the LIS can easily identify students who have failing grades or those who need to take summer classes for back subjects.

During the start of the school year, teachers should update all the school forms required, check the date of the students, and make corrections if there are mistakes. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure correct and reliable school reports because whatever failure there is, the most affected is the learner. Imagine if he had finished an entire school year, passed all his subjects just be declared that he is not actually enrolled in high school because his LRN is not his….he would be devastated.