What does the logo mean?

The mountain represents Mayon Volcano. It signifies that the division is part of Bicol Region.

The two heron (Lapay) birds represent the teachers and working staff of the division and the stakeholders. Hand-and- hand, they hold the torch and they also serve as pillars of the book.

The book represents the mind (left page) and heart (right page) of the learners.

The torch represents the strategies, methods, programs and activities of the division. Its flames represent the knowledge and good deeds they create to the learners. These are imprinted in the mind and heart of the learners as represented by the writings in the book.

The shield represents the strong dedication of the division to its vision and mission in transforming learners into better citizens.

The laurel leaves represent the 10 clusters of the Division. They spread like hands that hold the division in place.