Redefining Hours of Schooling in Masbate National Comprehensive High School

By:  Ryian L. Araneta
Teacher II

Too many students, too few classrooms. One problem in Philippine schools that continue to persist to this day is the shortage of classrooms. In Masbate National Comprehensive High School – Senior High School, this longstanding problem has become more pressing as the school resumes to hold full-blast regular face-to-face …

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Educator’s Battle Cry

Teacher III

“Teaching is the noblest profession.” Living in today’s generation, is this still true?

Teacher’s task in today’s era is becoming more demanding and difficult. It is demanding because of the bunch of paperworks that one has to do aside from teaching. It is difficult because handling students are becoming more …

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By: Rose Ann N. Oliva
Administrative Assistant II

Our teachers are humans and humans tend to have a lot going on in their lives. We celebrated World Teachers Day Last October 5, 2022. We celebrated their existence and their contribution to the society but more than celebrating our teachers, we should know their struggles. Frustration, …

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Keeping the Spirit of Volunteerism Alive

by Annie C. Medina

” I’ve failed over and over and over again, that’s why I succeeded.”

Such words from the great Michael Jordan reminded me that if one doesn’t try; then, he will never have the chance to become successful for success is about developing personal wisdom and competence that will lead to self-mastery. …

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