By Leah M. Romblon


The education of the child begins at home but this does not mean that when the child enters school, the home relinquishes its role. Far from it, the responsibility assumes a wider sphere. As parents, they commit themselves to continue their role in taking an action part in what the school is doing for their children, to guide and assist them in their studies, to confer with the teachers from time to time in order to be aware of their progress, to fulfill their part in the partnership of educators and parents in the realization of the kind of future they would like their children to have and in the kind of community they would like them to live in.

As educators we realize the enormity of the task we are taking on in turning out productive and globally-competitive citizens of the future. We pledge to do our duties as mentors of these children with a sense of deep and sincere commitment, thus instilling and developing in them the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will help them attain a better quality of life.

The child goes on with his education as he ventures out into his immediate world, the community where he lives. Therefore, as educators, let us commit ourselves to giving him the kind of community where he can grow and develop to the best of his capabilities- a peaceful, progressive, happy environment free from fears of all sorts.

For the total development of the child, these play a very important role – home, school and community.