Registrar I SHS – MNCHS


In government offices, the most important factor that results to a quality service, is very public servant’s will to serve the people with a heart. Every client is valuable, therefore he should be entertained to the best of one’s ability. It may be is difficult sometimes especially if the workloads are making everyone tired and grumpy, but since it is asked, giving an outstanding service is a must.

The Civil Service makes sure that every public employee is serving the people without complaint. It even mandates every public office to maintain a good relationship with constituents through the “NO NOON BREAK“ policy and the “ANTI – RED TAPE” law. It is to please the public and at the same time to avoid social concerns such as corruption in the government and abuse of power. Yes, it is an outstanding solution to these problems, yet there are instances that these too can be a excuse for others to mock many from the public offices. Sometimes these employees are being bullied by those who believe themselves to be superior from the ones working behind the desks. These public servants are often subject to criticisms because of delayed responses or insufficient services which in truth are beyond their capabilities to offer.

As citizens, it is just fair to consider each other’s welfare because although public employees are paid by the people’s taxes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be criticized for something they have no intent to do.

Oftentimes, those who are working at the bottom of the ladder are those who overworked but underpaid, so paying them respect is just an amenable thing to do. There are abusive and those who take advantage of their position but still a greater number of honest, reliable and competent public servants remain.