The Sound of Silence

By:  Catherine F. Guadayo
          Teacher III, Filipino Dept. 

                 In a world where we are bombarded with noise and unwanted sounds, we tend to seek for places where we can get the tranquility and peace we all want to have. Sometimes, silence becomes our refuge when everything becomes chaotic and disorderly; and in the realm of education, silence plays a vital role especially in the attainment of work that contributes to the development of learning.

                 Now that we are living in the computer era, we are demanded to use the platform in the most essential way we can. Ironically, social media is a dominion, which can be very noisy and resonating in spite of the fact that it does not require sound to state what one wants to shout out. Many of the government workers nowadays resort to social media to voice out everything that they want to express, from their day-to-day accomplishments to their most recent purchases.

                Freedom of expression is not at question here, everybody has the right to express their thoughts and sentiments especially when they feel that they have the need to. But, human as we are, we sometimes forget to weigh the value of whatever it is that we are posting. We become careless of the aftereffects it may have not only to ourselves, but to the community and workforce we are a part of.

                  Many of us post unnecessary updates and comments on different social media platforms that devaluate our significance as individuals. These creates noisy and pointless words that contradict the silence we long for. They vary from affecting our integrity to becoming self-destructive just because we do not “think before we click”. Raucously ranting about power interruptions, recent break ups of celebrities and/or being exhausted from work does not help elevate one’s worth as an individual. It tells the story otherwise. Bringing negativity about one’s profession does not make an individual relevant or commendable. It sends off a wrong notion about work ethics and how one values his/her career. Not only does this bring annoyance to other readers, but this contradicts the true essence of working silently and happily.

                Relatively, when work comes from the heart, it cascades to something that would result to a genuine and laudable outcome. Those who work silently without bragging about their accomplishments and outputs are the ones more worthy of emulation. Even the bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:7 “There is… a time to be silent and a time to speak”. More so, being quiet can be a struggle, but it is a good virtue to possess.  

              Expressing our ideals, beliefs and principles is our right as human beings. We are given the opportunity to convey whatever we want to say or do, but if our worth and individuality are compromised in the process, then it would be difficult for us to overcome and get back on our feet whenever we fall down because of irresponsible nagging or ranting  on different mediums and avenues.

              The world does not need to know everything that we are doing or planning to do. We can easily accomplish more if we keep to ourselves our plans that would contribute for the betterment of the workplace we are a part of. Eventually, if we continue to be productive on our own, everyone around us will see our worth and they will shout it out to the world.

Remember what the songwriter Frank Ocean, said, Work hard in silence and let your success be the noise.”