By Leah M. Romblon


Teachers are familiar with the statement that education is a continuing process that starts at the cradle and ends at the grave. Even before a child is born, his education has already started.

Thus each step in the process is a challenge to bring out the best results, especially for the learner as he is the be-all and end-all of the educative process. Though principles may take time to be proved wrong, yet, not all principles are discarded for sure.

The curriculum, then, can never be static. The foundation remains true to form, but how to realize its goals, how to maximize its multiplying effects for improvement and enrichment remain ongoing. Change is the essence of development.

This year marks the implementation of Grade12 in the Senior High School. What often makes significant results in any program or project is not always due to its framework but rather to the way it is carried out or implemented. The parameters are there, what is to be covered in its scope and sequence, strategies are suggested but the teacher adds her individual stamp to the process and this is where the difference comes from.

We do not copy per se as not everyone has the same interpretation of how things are done. As we work together, let us try looking forward to what each one can put in to make K to 12 Basic Education Program succeed and achieve its desired goal-quality basic education for all learners as envisioned by then Undersecretary Dina S. Ocampo.