By: Roel B. Rosero
Registrar 1 SHS-MNCHS


When one is assigned to do a grueling task such as Record-keeping, he surely is in for a challenge. When he is asked to maintain and manage the information about each student in school, he is expected to have a highly organized personality to keep up with the demands of his chosen work.

Why is Record-keeping important in schools?

… helps provide accurate reports of students’ personal information and academic ratings….it makes the school run efficiently… it preserves and lengthens the life span of tangible and vital documents…it gives the staff a chance to offer the best service that the client deserves.

For a school as big as Masbate National Comprehensive High School, to maintain well-organized records is indeed a huge responsibility. Since it has a more than 5000 population, students would regularly ask for their records. Accommodating them takes time and tremendous patience.

It is important that people assigned to do the work should always be prepared and organized. It’s not an easy task to manage and keep safe an orderly and effective records system. Negligence is what makes others lose valuable records, so it should not be practiced. The Records Section is where evidences are documented and kept, so the person assigned to guard it should be vigilant. And the smile! When serving clients – both internal and external stakeholders – there should always be a smile ready to greet them.

Records have nostalgic value. They enable one to hold onto memories, for an alumnus who is asking for his form – 137 or diploma because it is a requirement for employment, it reminds him of his high school days and memories shared with friends. It is a quick detour down to one’s memory lane.

Record – keeping is indeed a handy task. Yet no matter handy it is, importance should be given most top priority.