By Sheila B. Batac

       Hitting the sack nowadays is just a common pastime due to pervading and weakening presence of pandemic. To some, this pandemic may be an opportune time to excel in business, and to engage in entertainment via social media; yet others consider this plague as a real burden and a bad omen because of transgressions. So many reasons may come up regarding this fatal and annoying virus, but it does contribute to the on-going indolence and helplessness among us. It does make us lie in bed most of the time!

       A long and tedious rest must have gotten the best in us. After all, there is not much to do. Trivial and at times repellent daily schemes might be the only way to satisfy our needs. The saddest truth about this pandemic is not just the heap of the sick and dead people, but the lingering days and hours without nothing to do, especially when lockdown is imposed. There must be something beneficial and meaningful things to do in life even amid ambiguity.

     We must wake up from a deep slumber. We need to open our eyes so that we can say in unison that there is more to life than pain and sufferings. Such awareness comes only to reinvigorate our dormant self. It happens to us almost every day. Good and bad situations are opportunities for change. They are living catalysts for a concrete awakening. No longer shall we wait for a big bang to arise from a sound sleep for any events in life are sure signs of awakening.

      Awakening is such an important aspect in life because it truly keeps us abreast with the natural course of events. Nothing can hinder us from realizing that life is indeed so precious that we all need to make the best of it. Is a wonderful awakening.