By: Sheila Bajar-Batac

            Big surprises could render us speechless especially if they suit to our personal needs. The birth of a child, a beautiful sunrise, an awesome view could leave us tongue-tied for they are beyond our human minds to describe. Or we would say that words are at the tip of our tongue, unfortunately, they just won’t come out. They are beautiful and memorable encounters, they do delight us particularly in moments when we are in despair.

            On the other hand, life can at times pose an unexpected and shocking fate which could freeze our whole body rendering us helpless and unable to utter words to express what we want to say. This could happen during the unplanned demise of our loved ones. Words were not just available in our mouth to spit out, especially when our beloved is at the peak of his career or at the very young age. No words could describe the content of our hearts except the grave despair and anger.

            Well, that’s life! There are some really experiences which are beyond words to describe, nonetheless, they are just bits and pieces of a larger reality. We just cannot find exact words to define our sad and joyful experiences because they do not reside in our lips, but they are rather “lived experiences”. In other words, most of what we have been through in life could not just be summarized or defined by a human language; they can only live and viewed by a human heart. Hence, there are really things in life which are beyond words to divulge for they are somehow written in the niche of the human heart.

            Everything happens for a reason. Sadly, there are some drastic experiences which are beyond words to explain. We must let it go and allow unfettered circumstance to run its course. In short, we cannot restrain the fluency of events in our life. For life itself is beyond words to contain, it just goes on no matter how we take the events along the way.