Book Shower: An Income-Generating Project of English IV for School Year 2012-2013

T-III, English Dept. MNCHS


When the famous English writer-philosopher Francis Bacon said that “Reading maketh a full man,” he was certain that when a man is able to read widely and judiciously he could have a full mind. So for us Communication Arts teachers, to help develop the reading skill of our students, we must be able to anchor at Bacon’s words. This powerful thought should be taken to the heart of young people who want to become champions in whatever undertaking they choose and become well-read, articulate, and productive citizens.

The Book Week Celebration with the theme, “Champions Read” was celebrated on November 12-16, 2012. For the school to produce champions, we, English teachers must help the students develop genuine love for reading. In this connection, my English classes started an activity called a “Book Shower”. It aims not only to help the students appreciate literature and learn the timeless lessons but also help raise funds for whatever worthwhile projects needed at our English LRC (Learning Resource Center).

In this activity, students have looked for old books/magazines available at home or in the community and donated them. As we gathered all the reading materials; we had a “Book Sale”. Along with this activity was the selling of the customized button pin badges, key chains and handcrafted bookmarks with reading quotes personally made by the students. This idea supports the campaign for reading as the bookmarks, key chains and badges serve their purpose. It is indeed fun spreading wise sayings about reading while raising funds for the school.

With enterprising ability, my students and I were able to generate an income of Php. 6,021.00 for the first week and Php. 3, 990.00 for the following week, with a total amount raised of Php. 10, 011.00. We were happy that the money, time and effort were compensated with the profit we earned. This is quite big and more than enough to purchase 1 unit of desktop computer for the English LRC. After a month, we found time to canvass for one. We found out that a desktop computer available in the city costs Php. 14, 000.00. So, we requested for the one which is lower in price. Then, January came, and the computer shop was able to produce the INTEL ATOM desktop just enough for the funds available. It costs Php. 10, 950.So, what we need was to sell more books available just to reach the remaining amount.

My students and I turned over the donation to the school. Then we had the signing of the Deed of Donation and Acceptance. It was indeed an inspiring thing to be able to act and do something for a good cause. Moreover, it is important for my students to learn, not just to fill their minds with ideas and knowledge but to inculcate in them the values they need to face life’s challenges.  With this initiative, I believe that I have educated them for a while and build necessary bricks for the upbringing of happy and wise boys and girls in the community.

I know that this small way of involving them for a worthy cause has a great impact in their lives as they fully enjoy their high school lives and become prepared for the tertiary level.

The following were the journal entries of my students:

Why is reading an important skill to develop?

“Reading helps in mental development and is known to stimulate muscles of the eyes. Reading is an activity that involves greater concentration and adds conversational skill of the reader. Reading skill is important because it is the foundation of upon which other academic skills are built.”

Ivan Christopher T. Basas

Are you into reading?

“Yes, I’m into reading because I am able to apply to real life the ideas and lessons that I encounter trough reading.”

Ivy Flosfil R. Pajimola

What values are developed in you when you support a fund drive campaign?

“Well, in this fund drive campaign, I really had fun while raising money. In making my bookmarks, selling informative badges and key chains, donating books, I became more creative than usual and enthusiastic in supporting a great initiative in which the money generated will be used for a good cause.”

Jenica V. Dela Cruz

“Charity and generosity. Supporting a fund drive campaign makes us think less of ourselves and more of others. Though it is given to us as a task, I am happy that I have both fulfilled my work and that I have helped for a bigger purpose”

Blessly Grace R. Rosero