By: Rodelyn T. Congson
Teacher III

Being in a developed country has always been the battle cry of people, they see education as the key in making it possible. But what if the system itself fails? Who will save humanity? Can this still be remedied? If yes, then how?

Education has become one’s armor in going through life’s battles. This probably had prepared young individuals to real life outside the classroom, though John Dewey said that education is not a preparation for life but is life in itself, we can never do away with the fact that we live in this kind of system for long. We grow with the mindset that being in school will make us grow and will help us see the path where we want to go when the time comes to leave its portals.

However, the system itself is showing negative effects. The students themselves, after going through with the additional two years in secondary school, still claim that they are not ready yet. Even employers said that the training that these young individuals had in school is never enough for them to get employed. Thus, the young goes to college and proceeds to higher education with the hope that they’ll be ready soon. Good for those who can but how about those who can’t? Where will they go?

Something has to be done- change. This change should start in school with teachers being the tools. The government must at least listen as well so as to make things real. This is not only an educator’s battle but this a nationwide advocacy. Stakeholders should also take their part and play their roles to see good effects and receive positive benefits on this undertaking. We cannot just sit and watch how the system fails when we know in the first place that we can do something.

Now is the time or else, everything will be too late. Though nothing is ever late for someone who is determined enough to effect positive change, we have to move now. Let us not close our eyes and cover our ears with the outcries of the nation and human race. After all, we never would want to let education lock the mind of the people for growth and development when we can actually make it as the key in opening one’s heart and sympathy for the next generation of humanity.