Educator’s Battle Cry

Teacher III

“Teaching is the noblest profession.” Living in today’s generation, is this still true?

Teacher’s task in today’s era is becoming more demanding and difficult. It is demanding because of the bunch of paperworks that one has to do aside from teaching. It is difficult because handling students are becoming more complicated.

It is true that teachers are all around. They do not just teach inside the classroom because they also function more than that. Tons of paperworks are also waiting for them as they leave the four-walled room. Deadlines are hitting their backs and the tick of the clock has always been their greatest reminder. Every second counts. Every minute matters. Thus, resting is not always entertained. Aside from that, the students themselves are adding to the burden. Millennials are now becoming hard-headed and do not always listen. If they do, they still never bother to follow. What’s worst is that they are more protected than the teachers. It is true that as educators, we are held responsible for these children’s welfare but probably something has to be done especially if this has been abused.

Teachers are only humans. They commit errors. They make mistakes. More so, they also have a life outside teaching. They are also mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers in their respective homes. They deserve a break. They also get tired. However, they always choose not to be weak, even if they want, because someone out there, may it be in the classroom or not, is getting strength from them. Thus, this still makes teaching the noblest profession of all. The sacrifice that the educators give makes the profession live.

To teach today is really difficult but choosing to stay in the profession will always be someone’s choice. But what if no one chooses?