Impact of Technology in the Workplace

By: Jessierae B. Dela Rosa
Administrative Aide VI
Curriculum and Implementation Division

Nowadays, internet use is predominant in many workplaces and some agencies may find functioning without computer virtually impossible. Thus, computers and internet have become an important part  how agencies conduct operation and transaction as well as how workers perform their jobs. Internet can even impact where employees do their jobs as they can often work many miles from their official place of business such as during online training, online webinar and online workshops.

Computers and internet can improve communication, timeliness and efficiency. It can expand communication both within the workplace and when dealing with clients. An e-mail and information system can convey a large amount of information at one time in just a second and can be viewed at the convenience of the recipient. Computers can likewise increase the speed and accuracy of many work processes which improves overall worker efficiency. Documents can be written and edited much more quickly with the aid of a word processing program, and procedures, such as billing, accounting and inventory can also occur more rapidly and with fewer errors. Computers can produce reports with great speed and allow for the easy application of enhancements such as charts, graphs and pictures for the presentation of data and information to be more understandable. Computers and internet also help organizations in administrative tasks, such as keeping up-to-date and accurate records.

We boast about the advantages technology has brought into the workplace. Yet, there are instances where technology offers more disadvantages than advantages such as virus hacking, software theft, illegal access, illegal interception, data and system inference, misuse of devices, cybersquatting, computer-related fraud and forgery, libel etc.

Just always remember that not everything is secured online. Let’s all be cautious and vigilant to protect our data and information.