Implementation of Mother Tongue–Based – Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) in Masbate City Division

Pursuant to DepEd Order No. 74 s. 2009 which is the institutionalization of MTB-MLE which supports that children learn fast when their experiences are given best significance in expressing themselves, the department adheres to its guidelines and policies for proper implementation. There are benefits and challenges along the way which broaden the horizon of all concerned.

Masbate City Division made some initiatives on how MTB-MLE program will be appropriately implemented and strengthened despite the identified challenges. The Division strategized in doing some best practices and innovations to successfully overcome the challenges of the program. Provision of varied technical assistance, monitoring and evaluation and proper documentation were conducted to oversee the smooth implementation of the program. Likewise, human resources, material and linguistic development were given emphasis, as well as employment of strategies and techniques to cater to learner’s need. Effectiveness and efficiency of the program were also given importance. Adjustments and researches were also made into consideration for the purpose of having positive results. As expected, the implementation of the MTB-MLE was not seamless considering that the Division’s orthography is yet to be approved.  However, solutions are available to address all relevant issues and concerns that come our way.

Full support of the DepEd Family and the stakeholders in terms of supplies, human resource, logistics and related activities are being recognized and appreciated for the successful implementation of the program. In support to the attainment of its objectives, strong linkages and partnership among government and non-government organizations, public and private individuals invigorate the sustainability of the program.


Published and Owned by: CHERYL G. MAYOR- Teacher – III, Bagumbayan ES