By: Joanna Rose G. Fernandez
Teacher III
Bagumbayan Elementary School

There are many Filipino children who belong to the marginalized group. The marginalized groups are those who are affected by poverty, malnutrition, inadequate health care, learners with disability and children in conflict zones, and they are often neglected by the society or government. There are marginalized groups in the rural and urban areas. Children who have poor socio-economic status affect their physical and health development. Families who have low income do not have enough money to buy their children’s needs and foods that is why they suffer in malnutrition and height deficiency. These children get sick easily and they do not receive proper health care due to lack of resources. Because of this, children have low cognitive level and poor health condition that result to absenteeism and lack of interest in school.  Also, children with disabilities are being treated with discrimination and isolation. They are not medically treated, and they are also disregarded.

These Filipino children in marginalized areas are those who are often silent and suffer discrimination and inequality. It is said that Philippines is one of the poorest countries in the world. Because of these factors, children are not given the quality education that they deserve. They are often left behind and unfavored.

By providing quality education to all children, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, education will help bridge the gap between privileged and marginalized group. Education will provide children with the tools they need to pursue their dreams, break free from cycle of poverty, and access a better opportunity in life.

Education is a powerful tool and can help empower children from marginalized areas by providing them resources, support, and guidance to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential. Moreover, it gives them the skills and knowledge to bravely face social norms and advocate for their rights to education and other basic needs.

As a kindergarten teacher, it is my fervent hope and dream to provide children a safe and child-centered learning environment. I hope and dream for them to be able to enjoy their childhood years, learn the things they need to acquire, and improve their skills and learn new ones. I hope and dream for them to receive more social and health services. By giving proper interventions and helping their families, we will be able to help them combat poverty and achieve their heart’s desire. I believe that if we give the children our full support, they will be able to develop their full potential and become a productive citizen of the country. I hope and dream of a society which is child-centered, a society where children’s dreams are possible. I hope and dream for a beautiful and bright future ahead of them. Children deserve a chance to fight for their dreams and embrace a better future. I hope that they can dream what they want, dream of many possibilities and ways to contribute to their family and society. I hope that their families would care deeply on the education and health that they need and deserve. I yearn for a happy and fair life for them so that they can be inspired by what they truly want to be and achieve. I dream of a safe world for them and my hopes for them is to be happy, simply happy.