According to John Maxwell, motivation keeps people going but discipline keeps a man growing. However, this is rarely seen and experienced in today’s generation. How will the world possibly look like if this continues?

Young individuals today almost struggle in every little thing that they do simply because they lack the control and discipline within themselves. They seem so trackless and not purposive. They let other things and other people take over their ride. They also easily get frustrated when things don’t go as planned and never have a backup when things just go the other way. Furthermore, words you often hear from their mouth are disappointments and complaints which lead them to live with an unhealthy mind and heart.

Without discipline, one may get so disorganized thus living himself go astray by his own ways. Distractions will always be along the way. Failure is always part of a journey. However, quitting will always be a choice. If one is disciplined enough, he will always think of what is at stake in every step of the way. Time will always be considered precious thus, it should be spent wisely with productive outcomes. These interferences will just surely become building blocks that one has to pass through if he has a disciplined mind set. He will also come to realize that with a positive outlook, life will be a lot easier as he partakes it as a journey rather than a destination.

If young individuals will practice self-discipline even in small ways, the globe will never be chaotic as it is becoming right now. We can never afford to live in a world with wandering people because life will surely become meaningless and worthless. Success in oneself will have a tendency of cascading outside because all of us are interconnected. Thus, if human race aims for growth and worthwhile living, discipline should be seen in the picture.