What Makes a Good Leader?

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” (Abraham Lincoln)

Contrary to what others believe that power can turn a man blind, it enables him to see beyond what is shown. Power gives a man wisdom and ability to decide for the common good. This same power is bestowed upon people behind the effective implementation of education in the Philippines and anywhere in the world.  This same power is exercised by heads of school.

In a school where a child first learns his alphabet, it is imperative that it is governed by a principal who knows how to prioritize the welfare of the children before his own; a principal who possesses a characteristic of a good and just leader. If you wish to lead and become a principal or school head, here are some tips that you must consider.

You are in charge of the faculty. Thus, your relationship with your co-workers must be at all times positive because there can never be a good result in every endeavor if everyone who works on it is always ready to slit each other’s throat. You must maintain a good rapport and camaraderie among your people.

A principal can’t run a school from behind a desk. You must make your presence known. Roam around. See the situation yourself. Notice if your teachers are still doing their job. If not, don’t reprimand. Ask what makes them lose their enthusiasm and try to talk with them without being judgmental.

Be fair. You’ll always have a favorite and it’s natural for humans so it can’t be avoided. But, as a School Head you can’t just give preferential treatment. This will discredit your image as a good leader and eventually gives your subordinates reason to defy your administration.

You should be a problem solver. You are the first to be mentioned in every glorifying moment of your school and in all failures, you are the first to be blamed. So however hard a problem is, it is important that your decisions are based on a series of consultations, planning and evaluations. Don’t just rely on your instinct. Weigh matters at hand and never forget to ask for others’ opinions and views.

A good leader is a good follower. A good leader is a good listener. Take into consideration the feelings of your people. Let them see that you care.

          Need I say more?


Published and owned by: Hilda D. Lozada- Head Teacher III, MNCHS