By: Rodelyn T. Congson
Teacher III

We do not say ‘it is JUST a word’ because a word, no matter how long or short, may cause a lifetime effect to a person. Using a word to communicate therefore requires a responsible individual who is mindful of probable impact to anyone who listens.

Language is becoming more complex as the time continues to tick. Together with it is also the evolution on its use. People utilize language depending on how this tool would serve them best. The basic foundation of language has to begin with the recognition of speech sounds and how these behave when placed side by side, thus, contributing to creation of words. Words, on the other hand, also carry different meanings when used in different contexts thus, one cannot just simply judge the person by his ability to recognize word meanings alone but his capacity to tailor the use of these words to different situations he may be in. Having a full grasp of words eventually allow you to converse on a larger discourse.

To add, being able to communicate in a larger arena and scope would surely make the language live since it has encompassed the very reason why it is used by people. Again, it has to not only start with sounds but ‘words’. We do not say ‘it is JUST a word’ because a word, no matter how long or short, may cause a lifetime effect to a person. As mentioned, to make use of words, one has to be mindful of the cascading effect to anyone who took the share of absorbing such. Though sometimes not all things have to be reacted upon and that silence can be at times the best response, we still owe to speak somehow a word to avoid being misinterpreted. That is why it requires a mindful person to utter one.

Indeed, having the knowledge on words has to go beyond its literal meaning since its scope is getting wider and greater than ever. If one would not take full accountability to what is being said or to what will be said, the world will sadly be silenced with ignorance, irresponsibility and close-mindedness. If the other end is taken, then we grow in the globe that fosters significant discourse, regardless of the race where each of us belongs. May all choose to take the latter since the consequences of its misuse is surely a bigger price that one has to pay.